How to export a NK2 file, then Import into Outlook

Download the utility

Note: Please add a new contact folder (name it Extra and make sure it is the type contacts) before doing the import, and then import to Extra.

1. Open (the software you downloaded). Use the check boxes to determine which types of Addresses to import.

2. Click the BROWSE button to locate and open your NK2 file. If it is auto detected, the folder will be displayed. Simply choose a NK2 file at this point.The NK2 file is typically found under C:\Documents and Settings\PROFILENAME\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.NK2 where 'profilename' is (usually) your username or username.domain name.

3. The e-mail address and name list populates, now Add/Remove addresses and press Export. By default your CSV file is saved at the My Documents folder with the name ''

4. Open Outlook and click the CONTACTS button. Next go to FILE -> IMPORT AND EXPORT -> IMPORT FROM ANOTHER PROGRAM OR FILE. click next


6. Hit the Browse button and locate (try looking in My Documents) then Press NEXT

NOTE for Swedish Outlook

Använd Mappa fält (Use Map fields) för att styra e-postadresserna till rätt plats.

a. Leta upp "E-mail Address" i vänstra fönstret.

b. Leta upp "E-post" i högra fönstret och klicka på plustecknet.

c. Dra "E-mail Address" till "Epostadress" i högra fönstret.

d. Gör motsvarande före E-mail type.

7. Accept the default file save location (Contacts). Press NEXT

8. Press finish

Now you can use your Outlook contacts instead of the Autocomplete. You can also browse multiple NK2 files before importing into outlook. is tested with up to 10,000 contacts loaded at once!


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